Marie Darcey, RYT500

After falling in love with yoga and practicing herself for 5 years, Marie completed her 200 hour training in 2011 and her 500 hour, in 2012, with Lori Gentzlinger, Yoga as Medicine, who has been teaching for 20 years. Marie started teaching in 2011. Teaching middle aged and older people with issues, surgeries and disabilities, became her main focus. In 2014 she went to an intensive 8 day training for Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors, at Duke Integrative Medicine, N.C. It was a life changing experience that gave her overwhelming knowledge from top professionals in their medical field, and learned to use that knowledge to keep her students safe, in their yoga practice. In 2015 she went to a weekend workshop in Oakland, Ca., training with JoAnn Lyons, who has been teaching yoga to people with Cerebral Palsy, since 1996, seeing first hand that yoga truly can be taught to everyone. In 2016 she trained in NYC at Yoga Union, with Allison West, who has been teaching yoga in the only studio in the world dedicated to  scoliosis and back care. Allison teaches in the Iyengar tradition using many props and rope walls, to transform the postures and releive pain, for people with even the severest of back issues. Marie now had even more tools in her tool box! There is always something new to be learned as the therapeutic use of yoga, works to unite all minds, bodies and spirits! In every class, students teach Marie something else! They challenge her to modify and rethink an asana, making it accessible to every body, and keeping the intention pure. Marie also has her Reiki I and II attunements and tries to bring this healing energy into her teaching assists and adjustments. Yoga has given Marie a deeper meaning to her life. She could never thank her students enough for all that they have shared. She counts herself lucky to have found this path, and is honored to be a part of Gentle Strength Yoga Studio.

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