Lula Lukasiewicz,  RYT200

In 2012, Lula began her yoga journey during a vacation in Jamaica.   Instantly, she fell in love with the deep connection and new experience with all of her senses. After that day, she was never the same. Returning home to Long Island Lula began taking classes at Always at Aum in Babylon within the Vinyasa style of yoga. Soon after, her love for yoga deepened. She felt as if she was meant to teach; as if it was in her DNA.


Lula discovered Hatha yoga and received her certification from Bearfoot Yoga Wellness Center. During her teacher training, she  found a unique connection between her ethnic background which is Romani and yoga. The Romani flag actually has one red chakra in the center of it symbolizing survival and foundation. This confirmed Lula's initial belief that she was truly meant to teach yoga.


In Sanskrit "Ha" means moon and "tha" means sun. Hatha yoga is a style that focuses on creating balance and uniting opposites. Restoring balance between the mind and intellect. With dedication, one may simply find inner peace, contentment and mental clarity. 


Lula recently moved to Miller Place and is truly honored to be a part of Gentle Strength Yoga's family.  She currently teaches an all level Hatha Yoga flow on Wednesday nights at 7pm. She also dedicates time to teach yoga to foster children and will be instructing a wellness event in Melville on June 9th to raise awareness for Family and Children's Association- a Long Island nonprofit organization dedicated to helping over 20,000 vulnerable children and families.



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