Kelly McCormick

Kelly started her yoga journey about 15 years ago after having her son, as a means to loose weight. As the years passed her practice turned in to so much more. As yoga often tends to do. She started teaching with Gentle Strength the day the doors opened and fully believes in this approach to the practice. This gentleness in listening to, and honoring our bodies as we create strength.  Yoga has helped her to heal not only her body, but also her mind. She believes strongly that this practice gives us the strength and courage required to look inward and shine a light in to all of our dark corners.To create change inside ourselves, and the larger world around us.The healing power that this practice has brought in to her life is the reason that Kelly wanted to teach. She has a great passion and desire to share with her students, all that the practice has given to her.


Her classes can be a bit challenging at times, but are open to all levels as she offers modifications. Expect a lovely balance between humor and spirituality in her open level vinyasa class.

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